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Circuit Walking Group

The rise in the number of people in our communities who are retiring, and/or facing longer lives after retirement is increasing. This phase in life is referred to in the press as people’s ‘3rd age’.  Various churches around the UK are responding to this by beginning to explore more ways of connecting with people in their 3rd age, in ways that are relevant and interesting for the 55+ age group.

Here in DD&CW we are aware that this period of life may be welcome to some, providing new freedoms and time for new interests. For
others it may be challenging, lonely or difficult to manage. For all it may, at some point, include new questions and uncertainties about the
future, about worth, purpose, legacy, life and death.

Over the next few months we would like to explore new ways to provide gatherings for activities such as discussions, walking, food
etc. And Christian witness that is relevant to this age group, whether familiar with faith or of no particular faith.

These activities, we hope, will enable you to be comfortable to invite your own friends and contacts to join in, whether from church or not.
We will advertise them in local places such as shops, the local press  and public facilities such as libraries and medical centres.

We have 3 dates over the summer for you to join us :

9th August 19. 9.30am  – Starting from Cawthorne Methodist Church.

10th September 19. 9.30am – Starting from Emley Methodist Church.

10th October 19.9.30am – Starting from St Andrews Church, Penistone