Welcome to Spring by Alan Wilthew

Dear Friends, We are approaching the time of Spring and will look forward to celebrate Easter soon. We think of new beginnings. When we think of the seasons we usually put Spring as the start of the year, however in many cultures winter is seen as the start of the year. The growth of summer has produced a harvest and the work of gathering it in is done – end of year. The new year starts with a dormant winter. So it may be for us if we start something new. It’s hard, cold and there is often little to show. But if we persevere warmth and spring comes and growth begins.

I know when I stepped out of industry and changed my career by going to Bible College it felt like winter in many ways. I had to learn how to learn again. Most of the students were straight out of school or university and were streets ahead of me. It felt like winter for a time. But as sure as the sun rises every morning Spring soon comes and summer too.

I guess the early disciples must have had similar feelings. The death of Jesus was a new beginning for them but it must have felt like winter. However with news of resurrection came warmth, light and hope.

Wherever you may be. Whatever change you may be undertaking it may feel very much like winter, it’s a difficult time. Psalm 30 says, “weeping may stay for the night, but rejoicing comes in the morning”. Resurrection begins with death, but brings forth new life and hope.

Let us not be afraid of new beginnings and slow starts. Let us trust in the God of resurrection and new life will surely come just as Spring must follow Winter.


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