About the Denby Dale and Clayton West Methodist Circuit

Methodist churches are organised into circuits. We have nine churches in our circuit. We share resources together to make sure that we are able to staff our churches with leaders appropriate to the work taking place. The Superintendent Minister, Rev Philip Bee, has oversight of the circuit as a whole and  works with Rev Alan Wilthew to shape the life and work of the ten churches. Our Family and Childrens Workers and Circuit Administrator are all appointed as circuit employees and work across all the churches.

The churches also work together as a circuit from time to time. In 2017/2018 we  hosted the Party in the Park and Picnic in the Park at Cannon Hall Farm as an event that offers opportunities to invite those on the edge of our church communities to something bigger than normally takes place locally. The Denby Dale Centre is a flagship community outreach project for the circuit. We meet together regularly for worship together to celebrate comings and goings among staff, recognise circuit ministries or just for the joy of singing and praying together. And Methodist Women in Britain (MWIB) is a circuit meeting which connects with District meetings elsewhere in Yorkshire West.